The Management Team

Prof. David Sattelle: Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

David is a Professor of Molecular Neurobiology at University College London, UK. Until recently he held the same position at the University of Oxford leading a Neural Signalling group at the MRC Functional Genomics Unit.¬†David has secured extensive industry support for his research, which focuses on harnessing the genetics of C. elegans to improve and develop new routes to therapies and he is an adviser to several global corporations. David’s research is published widely and well recognised, most notably in neuroscience, neuroactive human therapeutics, animal health drugs and crop protection chemicals.


Dr. Steven Powell: Executive Chairman

Steven is an experienced CEO in the bioscience sector, having led the development and growth of Plethora Solutions PLC (speciality pharmaceuticals), KS BioMedix PLC (monoclonal antibodies) and Actinova (antibacterial vaccines), each to a successful exit. He has also been Chairman of Serotec, Cambridge Research Biochemicals, Inpharmatica and Acacia Pharma. Steven is an operational partner for Gilde Healthcare Partners, a pan-European life sciences fund. Prior to this, Steven held technical and commercial positions at GSK, Whatman, Radiometer, Chiroscience and Celsis.


 Dr Freddie Partridge: Technical Director (Screening)

Freddie is an expert on genetic model organism technology, including and drug and chemical interactions. Freddie has made significant scientific developments in understanding drug access in model organisms and screening technology.


Dr Steven Buckingham: Technical Consultant (Software)

Steven helped pioneer phenotypic automation in the genetic model organism, C. elegans. Such automation aids the rapid screening of drug and chemical libraries in the search for new leads for Human health, Animal health and Crop protection applications.