Company Overview


CE Bioscience Ltd

Based in London, UK

We partner with international companies

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Animal Health and Agrochemical industries have benefited from our ability to screen drug and chemical libraries

We partner with academics

Our flexible technology means secure, rapid, low-cost and high-throughput in vivo testing of drugs and chemicals

We screen for you in our laboratory

We can also lease a workstation for clients to accelerate discovery in-house


Our experience in phenotype screening  has generated and satisfied demand for:

  • Drug and chemical screening
  • Access to and the licensing of novel genetic models and in vitro assays
  • Phenotype screening  in human, animal health and agrochemical discovery
  • Chemistry-to-gene screens to help pinpoint the biological mechanism of drug and chemical actions
  • Model C. elegans systems with bespoke phenotypes
  • Proprietary screens to suit our partner’s requirements and compound libraries